Ferrari Kids T-Shirt 2014

ferrari kids t-shirt 2014

This coming weekend sees the return of the greatest race of all; the Italian Grand Prix at Monza. While Silverstone, Monaco and other F1 races all boast passionate crowds, none can surpass the pride with which Italian fans flock to the Autodromo Nazionale in the Royal Park every year to see their beloved scarlet Ferrari heroes do battle with the world’s finest.

Whether you’re a Ferrari fan or not, can you honestly see past the superb Ferrari kids t-shirt as the ideal starter kit for your little budding Fernando Alonso or Kimi Raikkonen? It matches the clothing worn by the team members at all the races across the season, and is identical therefore to the full-size merchandise offered to older fans. If it’s good enough for the Tifosi, then it’s passed the test; these are going to be seen in their thousands at Monza this year, you can bet your house on it.

Not that we’d advise that. But we would recommend you get your hands on the Ferrari kids t-shirt 2014 before stocks are exhausted. It won’t be long. So hurry and check out OnPole’s collection of Ferrari F1 merchandise today to select your favourite pieces!

Valentino Rossi Mug 2014

Valentino Rossi Mug

Our last featured item was a Valentino Rossi mug – so you might be surprised to learn that so is our next item!

But why not; this Valentino Rossi mug is just as impressive and desirable as the last one. In ‘The Doctor’s’ iconic yellow, this version features the sun and moon design representing both sides of Rossi’s personality and the Rossi cartoon figure peeping over the handlebars of his bike. It also bears the legend ‘VR46′ and ‘Forty Six’ around the rim in a black wrap-around stripe.

And as before, bear in mind Christmas is just around the corner. Get your hands on this superb Valentino Rossi mug while stocks last!

Valentino Rossi Mug – Perfect Christmas Gift!

Valentino Rossi Mug

This Valentino Rossi mug is the perfect gift for your friend or family member this Christmas. What did you say? It’s too early for Christmas?

Think again. is full of excellent offers across all merchandise ranges – including the Valentino Rossi merchandise collection – that mean now is the perfect time to start sorting your Christmas gifts.

The Valentino Rossi mug doesn’t require much deliberation either. Featuring the iconic yellow 46 and Rossi’s signature along with Rossi sliding his Yamaha through a corner it oozes simplicity and support for the Italian hero at the same time. It’s the perfect stocking filler or tree present. Don’t miss out; priced at just £12.95 the Valentino Rossi mug is sure to be a winner this Christmas.

Ferrari Black Team Polo 2014

ferrari black team polo 2014

What colour springs to mind when you think of Ferrari? Scarlet? Well then, you’d be surprised to find the hottest item of Ferrari F1 merchandise this year is black.

The Ferrari black team polo 2014 retains the standard sponsor logos including Santander, Kaspersky and Shell but marries the black and white scheme with the Italian flag detail and Scuderia Ferrari logo excellently.

If red is a bit too lurid for your liking, the Ferrari black team polo 2014 is the one you’ll want. is one of the few places you can get your hands on this unique item, so hurry while stocks last. Think of it as an early Christmas present…

2014 Ferrari F1 T-Shirt REDUCED

2014 ferrari f1 t-shirt is offering you the chance to own another piece of iconic motorsport merchandise at limited REDUCED prices.

This 2014 Ferrari F1 T-Shirt is down from £49.95 to £44.95, so you can wear the umistakeable colours of Formula One’s oldest team just that little bit more affordably this summer. Ferrari has been a constant since the sport began in 1951, as have their legions of loyal ‘Tifosi’ supporters around the world.

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Rossi Yamaha T-Shirt REDUCED

rossi yamaha t-shirt is offering you the chance to get your hands on this superb Valentino Rossi Yamaha t-shirt at a REDUCED price of just £29.95, down from £34.95.

It’s not hard to understand why Rossi merchandise is so popular; nine world titles, countless podiums and too many wins to count. Not to mention the quality and style of his merchandise range, of which this Yamaha t-shirt is just a small part. You can view the whole Valentino Rossi range here at for more bargains.

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Valentino Rossi iPhone5 cover

rossi iphone5 cover

You’ve got an iPhone5. You’re a Valentino Rossi fan. So why not get your hands on this eye-catching Valentino Rossi iPhone5 cover available now at

Featuring the Rossi caricature and the Italian’s iconic sun and moon emblems on the trademark yellow background, you can ensure your iPhone5 stands out from the crowd and gets the best protection at the same time.

The Valentino Rossi iPhone5 cover is yours today when you shop online at Don’t miss out; only available while stocks last!