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About Us has always been deeply connected to Formula 1. This is what makes us special. It has been true from the very start, in the late 1990s, when OnPole was founded by a retired F1 team manager. Though he has moved on, our involvement in F1 continues. We value our relationships with the major F1 teams and continue to deal with them directly. We know that being a motorsport fan involves so much more than just wearing the clothing. We organise visits to F1 team headquarters for our customers. We source signed merchandise for them. We physically attend Grands Prix. We are much more than a mere clothing retailer, we share the passion for motorsport. We are run by motorsport fans, for motorsport fans. began life as a physical shop in Chichester, UK, selling mainly Formula 1 memorabilia, merchandise and models. But then the Internet Revolution happened and our online sales exploded, soon dwarfing those of the physical shop which was eventually closed. Growth in online sales continued and we are now one of the biggest retailers of motorsport merchandise in the world with customers in every corner of the globe.

   Formula 1 is still a huge part of our range, but we have since diversified into MotoGP, quality sports watches, and accessories for our customers' road cars. But a great range of motorsport merchandise is no good without the support of a great team of people to make sure it gets to you quickly and in good condition. Our whole team excels at this. They take pride in their work, consistently delivering exceptional customer service from the moment you pick up the phone through the whole warehouse and dispatch process until the goods are in your hands. I firmly believe that we cannot be beaten for a straight-forward, honest and friendly approach to customer service. Why not try us out? We reckon we're #1 for Motorsport fans.

Charles Whitmore